5 Most Perfectly Timed Photos

One shot, just one shot and you can become a legend. Just one perfect shot and you can be remembered through the ages. You have your weapon and your ammo, you have your optics and patience. Just one perfect shot and the glory is yours to take. This may sound like the beginning of a cheese action flick where exposition was skipped and the director decided to take a close shot of the eye of the soldier who is looking through the sniper optics, waiting for his pray. Well the same thing, but far less violent is accurate for photographers too. They can make their whole career blossoming through one perfect shot.


Still this is not something anyone can do with ease. There is a lot a young photographer should learn, before his camera becomes his weapon, his lenses- the optics of his weapon and his cards – the ammo. After all those are the rounds you have to make it around the world and who knows – you may end up at the cover of some of the biggest magazines in the world. Being able to aim and shoot with your camera is nothing. That doesn’t make you a professional. Neither does the expensive accessories you may buy from overpriced stores. The good photographer has a lot of qualities among which are patience, a great eye for details, ambition, technical skills, marketing viewpoint and imagination. The most unattractive place may become the most beautiful picture in the world if it’s done the right way.


A great picture needs not just the right setting, light and а lot of dedication, but also a perfect timing. That’s why some of the most amazing and famous pictures are one time shots that can never be replicated no matter how much anyone tries. Those are once in a lifetime opportunities that only a few photographers had the luck to make. In those kind of shots there are no do-overs and no second chances. You either made the perfect photo or you have nothing to show for.



There are different kinds of those as well. Some photographers specialize in showing the beauty of the women. This is of course due to the market which demands such photos. Nevertheless there are some serious opportunities in this field, but usually the photos are staged and even though they are impressive, they are far from the best in the world. But when you mix this photos of girls with car racing and F1, the chances of an unbelievable shot increase dramatically. No one expects a fine, staged shot of a grind girl to become a viral sensation, but yet, there are some of those around the web.



There are those who choose to seek fame in nature. This is the place where things actually can get really wierd, real fast. Nature is unpredictable but at the same time it’s beautiful and haunting. There it’s much easier to take a perfect shot of something unexpected, but in order to do so, you must have enormous patience and be prepared to go home empty handed more often than not. But when you manage to capture this perfect image, you are sure to be recognized for it.



There are those photographers that manage to take an outstandingly interesting picture of a sculpture, a statue or building. To accomplish that you must have an amazing eye and imagination. More often than not you need to wait countless hours for the right setting, the right lighting and the right moment and worst – this moment may never come. Still there are some great pictures, that no one can ever replicate, and I don’t mean your amazing photo holding the Eiffel tower.



Some photographers draw inspiration from everyday life They see a moment, and they take it. These photographers must have a very quick mind and to be able to see the funny moment at any time. The hardest part is, that most of the times this moments past in a middle of a heartbeat and they are lost forever. So the photographer must have a quick reflex and to be always ready to capture the right moment on film.




The rarest of this kind of photos are the unintentional once. They are utterly and completely based on luck. You may shoot anything – a wedding, a race, a football game, your family or just a picturesque seen, and if you are lucky enough you will capture an image for the ages.


So are you ready to try your luck and capture a perfectly timed photo? Get your camera, your lenses, and most importantly your patience and go.

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